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    With ubiquitous access to all the tenets and traditions of global wisdom and wonder, instant communication and collaboration tools in every modality, and overnight courier service for tangible resources as needed, I believe that it is time to fuse the best aspects of socialization and education into a paradigm of actualization. My wish is to maximize the innate potential in every life.


    Embracing the very best of all times, places, and traditions, it is time to re-envision and 'make actual' an effective, adaptable, and sustainable paradigm of human actualization that builds upon the primary socialization of the home and cultivates the unique potential of every human being from 'cradle to grave' so that they may 'transcend' and give back from 'over-full.'


    We currently spend all our time, energy, and talent and resources on conventional and alternative models of schooling and education. More resources than ever are dedicated to shaping perceptions of reality via popular culture and social media campaigns. And yet: Time marches on. Budgets are spent. Vision statements are published. Careers are built. Wonderful people come and go.


    Having toyed with oodles of innovative ideas without highly effective, adaptable or sustainable implementation, things tend to go on pretty much the same.


    For those that remain and, most importantly, those yet to come, there are big questions for billions of everyday people who long to become their 'personal best' and contribute joyfully and productively to the organizations and associations that they give their lives to. Whether they participate out of necessity or choice, with or without expectation of belonging, meaning, or inspirational and evolutionary engagement, the fundamental human questions remain. However lofty they may seem given the status quo, they matter. Urgently! It is vital for this time and all times. People engage with hope and trust that the endeavor will be beneficial and reciprocal for themselves and those they love.


    I will always yearn to make the immediate past, present, and future count! Every minute. Every dollar. Every person. Without giving up fundamental human freedoms and flexibility for dystopian data sets, I yearn to know if out beyond the privileged and performative nature of socialization, schooling, and education, a bigger, broader, and more soulfully aligned and integrated paradigm of Actualization will be possible. Can individual human empathy and ethics ever scale in organizational life to honour the hopes and dreams of every child and grandchild (our individual and collective future)?


    After all, as Josie Bisset says, 'Dreams come a size too big so we can grow into them.' Let's go!

    "The principle goal of education in

    the schools should be creating men

    and women who are capable of doing

    new things, not simply repeating what

    other generations have done; men and

    women who are creative, inventive,

    and discoverers, who can be critical

    and verify and not accept everything

    they are offered."

    Jean Piaget

  • It's Evolution Time!

    A 'New' Pargadigm!

    The Best of 'Old' & 'New'


    Primary Socialization







    & Vocation




  • "What we need is a system of

    thought that can bind humans

    together. . . a system that would

    supply our idealistic young

    people with something to

    believe in."

    Abraham Maslow


    "When a person can't find a

    deep sense of meaning,

    they distract themselves

    with pleasure."

    Viktor Frankl

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    Lasting Lights & Luminaries

    Guides On Our Side

    A Growing List

    No Longer With Us But Never Forgotten


    James Allen

    Hans Christian Andersen

    Ted Aoki

    Thomas Aquinas


    Louis Armstrong

    Sir Francis Bacon

    James Baldwin

    Honore de Balzac

    William Blake

    Enid Blyton

    Edward de Bono


    Joseph Campbell

    Lewis Carroll

    Paul Cezanne

    Pema Chodrin

    Ernie Coombs



    Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

    ee cummings

    Charles Darwin

    Ram Dass

    Rene Descartes

    John Dewey

    Charles Dickens

    Fyodor Doestevsky

    John Donne

    Will Durant

    Max Ehrmann

    Albert Einstein

    Ralph Waldo Emerson



    Erik Erikson

    Viktor Frankl

    Benjamin Franklin

    Sigmund Freud

    H.W. Fowler

    Robert Frost


    Mahatma Gandhi

    Theodore Geisel



    Chief Dan George

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    Kahlil Gibran

    Vincent van Gogh

    Elizabeth Foster Goose

    Jacob Grimm

    Wilhelm Grimm

    Johannes Gutenberg

    Thich Nhat Hanh

    David Hawkins


    bell hooks

    David Hume

    Zora Neale Hurston

    William James

    Thomas Jefferson

    Jesus of Nazareth

    Carl Jung

    Immanuel Kant

    Helen Keller

    Soren Kierkegaard

    Martin Luther KIng

    J. Krishnamurti

    Maud Lewis

    Jean Little

    John Locke

    Audre Lorde

    Martin Luther

    Nelson Mandela

    Karl Marx

    Abraham Maslow

    Henri Matisse


    John Stuart Mill

    A. A. Milne

    Maria Montessori

    Toni Morrison

    Joseph Murphy

    Friedrich Nietzsche

    John O'Donohue

    Georgia O'Keefe

    George Orwell

    Rosa Parks

    Jean Piaget


    Pablo Picasso

    Watty Piper



    Beatrix Potter

    Marcel Proust

    Bill Reid


    Rainer Maria Rilke

    Ken Robinson

    Carl Rogers

    Jean Jacques Rousseau


    Oliver Sacks

    Heȟáka Sápa (Black Elk)

    Charles M. Schulz


    William Shakespeare


    Thomas Sowell

    William Strunk

    Rabindranath Tagore

    Nikola Tesla

    Henry David Thoreau

    J R R Tolkien

    Leo Tolstoy

    Lao Tse

    Robert Ulich

    Jean Vanier

    Leonardo da Vinci


    Lev Vygotsky

    David Foster Wallace

    Alan Watts

    Max Weber

    E.B. White

    Walt Whitman

    Elie Wiesel

    Oscar Wilde

    Mary Wollstonecraft

    W B Yeats


    and many more!


    "Don't ask what the world needs.

    Ask what makes you come alive,

    and go do it. Because what the

    world needs is people

    who have come alive."

    Howard Thurman


    "Work is love made visible."

    Kahlil Gibran

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    Folks & Friends

    to Follow

    Inspirational 'Actualizing' Authors

    Robin Barrow

    Ashok Bedi

    Tom Butler-Bowdon

    Gregg Braden

    Julia Cameron

    Leigh Casler

    Deepak Chopra

    Paulo Coelho

    Annie Dillard

    Sherrie Dillard

    Ted Dintersmith

    Paul Ferrini

    Michelle Good

    Temple Grandin

    James Hollis

    Shona Innes

    Ann Jonas

    Chief Robert Joseph

    Scott Barry Kaufman

    Robin Wall Kimmerer


    Annette LeBox

    Ursula K. Leguin

    Bruce Lipton

    Max Manen

    Carol McCloud

    Wes McLeod

    Aida Meshaka-Azab

    Craig Mitchell

    Stephen Mitchell

    Yukari Mitsuhashi

    Thomas Moore

    Martha Nussbaum

    Bev Ogilivie

    Sylvia Olsen

    Judith Orloff

    Kathryn Otoshi

    Parker Palmer

    Todd Parr

    Dolly Parton

    Katherine Paterson

    Robert Perry

    Jordan B Peterson

    Patricia Polacco

    Maria Popova

    Peter H. Reynolds

    Miguel Ruiz

    Cynthia Rylant

    Leslie Stein

    Murray Stein

    Eckart Tolle

    Neale Donald Walsch

    Keith D. Walker

    Selma Wassermann

    Jody Wilson-Raybould

    Irvin D. Yalom


    and many more!

    Leaders have vision. Nonleaders do not. 

    Leaders have a vision of a better future

    for themselves, their families, and their

    organizations. They can see an ideal

    future in advance. They then work

    to make it a reality in the present."

    Brian Tracy


    "Let's move beyond the agro-

    industrialist mindsets and business

    models of the past to an engaging,

    dynamic, just, and true Actualization

    paradigm that nurtures true belonging

    and untapped potential for the

    greatest and most synergistic

    good of all. If not for ourselves, for

    our youth--the future."

    Kalen Marquis



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  • "Well done is better

    than well said."

    Ben Franklin


    "Far and away the best prize that

    life has to offer is the chance to

    work hard at work worth doing."

    Theodore Roosevelt

  • "If I create from the heart, nearly

    everything works; if from the head

    almost nothing."

    Marc Chagall

  • "You surrendered and let it all unfold and look how well you have landed. I am absolutely thrilled that after everything you have been through and how you have been tested that you are now on a new path doing what I believe you were destined to do and be."

    "Thank you for Kalen Wilfred Marquis--for his loveliness, for his courage, for his support for kids, for bravely walking a path of child-advocacy and using his power heroically to 'uplift and actualize' those who have no voice or choice."

    "As ever, you remain one of my favourite people; a paradox. Someone whose humility I always feel should make him proud but someone who pride would not become. Always be you, Kalen.”