• Soul Stories

    Schooling, Education, Actualization & Life

    "You have a marvelous talent.

    I and others have enjoyed reading

    your word paintings and

    joined in searching for soul." (L.R.)


    "When you do things from your soul,

    you feel a river moving in you

    and you feel joy." (Rumi)

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  • Humour & Heartstrings

    "It is a rare gift to be able to combine humour and heartstrings. I hope that I'll see 'Gaila Pasquaila Magaila Magoo' and other stories at my children's bookstore some day soon. In today's homogenized world emotions are falsely portrayed between commercial interruptions. Our children need to recognize and feel humour, grief, elation and love--in a true and simple way. These are stories about overcoming adversities, keeping faith, the healing power of tears and the joy of laughter and letting go. It was strange but the lessons in thse stories seemed to come at just the right time. . . . Children's stories that touched an adult soul." (L.N.)


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    Follow Your Bliss

    Let the Invisible Supports

    of the Universe Rise Up

    to Guide & Enrich You!

    Although going inward on this leg of the journey, I remain open to partnering with like-hearted writers, artists, agents, editors, and information technologists to bring stories and concepts to life. Please feel free to create and connect by email at any time.


    * * *


    ALSO, since I have you here. . . How about YOU? May I ask: "Are you keeping your pencil moving or keyboard tapping? Are you keeping those pages turning and your imagination yearning? How is life in the kitchen, garden, workshop, or sewing room these days? Or at the painter's easel? Park? How about the card table or coffee shop? The library, classroom or adventure playground? Or yes, even here on the computer, tablet or smart phone?"


    I believe that there is no greater way to come to know oneself and others than through a nurturing process of reading, writing, talking, creating and/or connecting in a myriad of bliss-filled ways. As Einstein said so wisely, "Creativity is intelligence having fun."


    Seriously, like the wisest and most wonder-filled have demonstrated throughout global history, following our bliss and doing more of what makes us lose track of time is also what may catapult us into a brighter, happier, more abundant, and hope-filled future. (If not, at least we will have experienced fulfillment and fun). There are so many ways to create and connect the dots of energy, awareness, and understanding! I believe that cultivating this particular head and heart space from cradle to grave is our birthright and a fundamental part of individual human actualization and our collective evolution and transcendence as people.  


    Depending upon one's time, place and circumstance, to follow one's bliss may take extra courage and determination--especially as we 'grow up' and succumb to the voices of critics and naysayers. For support and righteous indignation, we need only recall the famous quotation by e.e. cummings, "To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best day and night to make you like everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and keep fighting.” Add to this the humble, grounding wisdom of Lao-Tsu who knew, "The greatest art seems unsophisticated, the greatest wisdom seems childish." I say: Have at it!


    Sincerely, long may you keep your pencil moving and keyboard tapping! Or whatever puts you in 'flow,' bubbling over with confidence, hope, peace and joy! :-)


    "In every adult there lurks a child

    --an eternal child, something that is

    always becoming, is never completed,

    and calls for unceasing care, attention

    and education. That is the part of the

    human personality that wants to

    develop and become whole."

    Carl Gustav Jung

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    The Bibliotherapist

  • "The painting on the front of this card was done by a five year old girl with autism. The title is "Story of the Secret Seahorse." I chose it because I like to think that painting is her way of telling stories--the way you inspire every child to tell their story. I want to say a very deep thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being so open and willing to help every child. No matter how many times we came to you with a story or situation of need, you were always open and willing to take it on. These kids need you and your gentle, honest touch. We needed you to be that landing place for them and their safety net was always there. Thank you so much."